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Focusing on LinkedIn: A Strategic Shift for Charities Institute Ireland

Charities Institute Ireland focuses on LinkedIn for its professional audience, finding it ideal for engagement, networking, and thought leadership in the charitable sector.
21 Jun 2024

In today's digital age, selecting the right social media platform is crucial for any organisation looking to effectively reach and engage its audience. At Charities Institute Ireland, we recently made a significant strategic decision to focus all our social media efforts exclusively on LinkedIn. This choice reflects our commitment to optimising our communications strategy in alignment with the needs and preferences of our professional members.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform inherently designed for professionals, making it the perfect fit for Charities Institute Ireland, whose members are primarily professionals within the charitable sector. Unlike other social media platforms that cater to a broad range of interests and demographics, LinkedIn offers a focused environment where professional networking, knowledge sharing, and industry-specific discussions thrive. Here are the key reasons why LinkedIn emerged as our platform of choice:

Professional Audience: Our members are professionals dedicated to the charitable sector, including CEOs, fundraisers, and policy-makers. LinkedIn provides a professional ecosystem where our content can reach and resonate with this target audience. It's a place where people are already thinking about work, industry trends, and professional development.

Engagement and Networking: LinkedIn's features are tailored to foster professional connections and meaningful engagements. Whether through articles, posts, or comments, the interactions on LinkedIn are typically more relevant and substantive for our members. This platform allows us to facilitate discussions on industry best practices, policy changes, and other critical topics.

Content Sharing and Thought Leadership: As an organisation committed to advancing the charitable sector, LinkedIn allows us to share insights, research, and thought leadership pieces that can influence and educate our audience. The platform supports various content formats, including long-form articles, which are ideal for in-depth analysis and discussion.

Community Building: LinkedIn groups and communities enable us to create dedicated spaces for our members to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other. These groups can serve as incubators for innovation and problem-solving within the charitable sector.

Why Not Other Platforms?

While other social media platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram have their merits, they do not align as closely with our strategic goals and audience needs:

X (Twitter): Despite its widespread use, we found X to be increasingly toxic and less conducive to meaningful professional interactions. The platform's fast-paced nature often leads to surface-level engagements rather than the deep, thoughtful exchanges we value.

Facebook and Instagram: These platforms are excellent for personal use and connecting with friends and family. However, their user base and content focus do not align as well with our professional-oriented objectives. The casual, lifestyle-centric content on these platforms contrasts with the professional tone we aim to maintain. We will continue to use these platforms for Giving Tuesday Ireland. 

Our Strategic Approach on LinkedIn

With our decision to concentrate on LinkedIn, we have devised a strategic approach to maximise our impact:

Regular Content Updates: We maintain a consistent posting schedule, sharing updates on our initiatives, industry news, and member achievements. This keeps our audience informed and engaged with our activities.

Thought Leadership: We publish thought leadership articles from our team and guest contributors, providing insights into the latest trends and challenges in the charitable sector. This positions Charities Institute Ireland as a leading voice in the industry.

LinkedIn Groups: Leveraging LinkedIn's group features event features, we host 12 groups for our members from CEO's to Directors of Fundraising and Data Intelligence. These groups are designed to foster interaction and provide valuable learning opportunities for our members.

Member Spotlights: We highlight the achievements and stories of our members, showcasing the diverse and impactful work being done across the sector. This not only recognises their contributions but also inspires others.


Our decision to focus solely on LinkedIn as our social media platform is rooted in a clear understanding of our audience and strategic goals. By aligning our efforts with a platform designed for professionals, we are better positioned to support our members, drive industry conversations, and advance the charitable sector. As we move forward, we remain committed to leveraging LinkedIn's unique capabilities to create a vibrant and engaged community of professionals dedicated to making a difference.

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